Friday, 31 October 2014

Lagu baru liyana Fizi- You Know (kau tahu!) berserta dengan lirik

Ulasan:Sesuatu yang begitu mengujakan tentang lagu terbaru Liyana Fizi. Masih lagi mengekalkan mood yang tenang di dalam lagu ini. Cukup mendamaikan.
Lirik you know
Just a quick smile
The curve of your lips
And I'm over the moon
Just a small sign
A glimpse of your heart
You know I'm sold for good
I don't care where this goes
All that matters is that
You know

It's another kind of high
That I get from you
I don't even need to try
I am where I want to be
This time
You got me for life

Just the thought of us
Sitting so quietly
where we don't need to say a thing
Coz all that matters is that
We know


You can set my world on fire
So you've got me for life
You're my northern star

-repeat chorus-

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